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Administrative Office of the Courts

Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision

The Interstate Compact for Adult Supervision (Compact) is the only legal mechanism in the country for the interstate transfer of the parole or probation of an adult offender.  It is the purpose of this Compact to promote public safety and protect the rights of victims through the control and regulation of the interstate movement of offenders in the community.  In addition, this Compact provides for the effective tracking, supervision and rehabilitation of these offenders by the sending and receiving states.  Arizona became a member of the new Compact in May 2002, which is governed by A.R.S. 31-467.

The Deputy Compact Administrator (DCA) from the Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) oversees the Compact for adult probation. The DC A provides training and technical assistance to the adult probation departments throughout the state to ensure the legal transfer of supervision of adult probationers across state boundaries.  


For additional information, please contact:
Name   Dori Ege, DCA
Phone  (602) 452-3324

Comments may be directed to Julie Orduno (602) 542-9463

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